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in Italy: via Palestro, 10 40123 Bologna - Italy phone: +39 335 5620212
in USA: 5408 Magnolia Park Circle 29206 Columbia SC - USA phone: 803 738 1520 +227

The images in the site
have been chosen from all the shots taken by Franco Franceschi during his career and are available to publishers, galleries and collectors.
Royalties for reproduction
Agencies interested in using these images for their campaigns should make a request specifying
the use, the period and the country in which the campaign will be presented
Publishers of travel or cultural magazines
can request images specifying the name of the publication, the period and the country in which they will be used
Galleries or institutions
interested in using the images for an exhibition can contact the site for an offer, specifying
which images are of interest and for which period. We normally offer images in size 40x60cm
We offer collectors Glicle'e prints from albums Exhibitions with limited edition of 25 copies in size 40x60cm at Euro. 300
Or printed on photographic paper from albums Traveling with a limited edition of 50 copies in size 50x70cm at Euro 200 and 30x40 at 150 Euro
Each print or series of prints will be parcel up in hard folder and sent anywhere


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